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Catholic Bible Study (CBS) Future Topics list (with owners.)


The Papacy and Papal primacy. (Lino Serrano, WW27) Done.


Purgatory. (Garry Huysse, WW29)


Catholic Bashing in the Media (I ordered a report this week) (Mark Sorell, WW31)


Aposotolic succession. (Lino Serrano, WW33)


Filioque clause (in the Creed.) (Lino Serrano,WW39)


The Saints of the Catholic Church. (Ted Roybal, WW41)


Canon of the Bible. (How many/what books are to be included?) (Lino Serrano, WW43)


Authority. (Bible only (sola scriptura?), or Bible, Tradition, and Magesterium) (Garry Huysse, WW45)


Justification. (By faith alone (sola Fide?) or Faith and Works?)


Papal Infallibility


Marian Devotion: Rosary, Dogmas/Doctrines (Immaculate Conception, Assumption,

Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate)


Communion of Saints. (Prayer/devotion to the Saints).


The Mass.


Heresies in Church history. (Who, why, when, and the Councils that preserved the

orthodox doctrine.)


History of the Papacy


The Christian Church. (Visible or invisible?)


Angels & Demons






Raised from The Dead (book on miracles)


Indulgences (Mark S. or volunteer?)


Bynzantine Rite (Joe K)