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from Scandal of the Cross and its Triumph

by Bob & Penny Lord



250 A.D.

a priest named Novatian

chosen to represent fellow priests

he was waiting until he was at the point of death to be Baptized

controversy about him receiving the sacraments of Penance, Holy Communion and Confirmation

after Pope St. Fabian was martyred by Emperor Decius he wanted to become pope

St. Cornelius was elected Pope

Novatian contested their decision and had himself declared a Bishop

Pope St. Cornelius questioned Novatian’s priesthood

Novatian attacked the Pope verbally and with letters

Novatian then set himself up as an anti-pope

He claimed that sins could not be forgiven after Baptism

this is why people would wait until the point of death to be Baptized

St. Augustine would fight this heresy in the 4th century




Constantine of Samosata was the founder

name came from Albi, France where it started

11th century (although a revived sect of the 3rd century MANICHAEANS)

the Manichaeans simply did away with Baptism

had two classes of people: Perfects , The Believers (majority)

they wanted to be able to sin, have their earthly pleasures and yet gain Heaven

all they had to do was: 1) accept their dogmas 2) revere the Perfects 3) promise to receive ‘consolamentum’ (their baptism) before they died

they waited until the point of death for Baptism so their sins would be forgiven

many followers fearing they would sin after Baptism would choose to die of starvation (called Endura)

those who committed this suicide were viewed as heroes and martyrs (opposite of Christian beliefs which says that suicide is murder)